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Judge Kirk Granier 

29th Judicial District Court, State of Louisiana

District Judge 


 Judicial and Legal Experience 

  • State District Judge (1997 - 2008)

General Jurisdiction Trial Court: Unlimited Jurisdiction in Civil and Criminal cases

(Accidents/Injuries/Death Cases, Class Actions, Contract, Divorce, Property, Estates, & Criminal Cases)

  • United States Circuit Military Judge, U.S. Air Force (1998 - 2006)

Military Courts Martial

 National Environmental Policy Act Hearings (NEPA)

Military Parole Hearings

  • Private Law Practice (1983 - 1996)

Personal Injury, Divorce and Criminal cases¹

¹ Criminal Law Practice - Defense (1983-1995)

  • Assistant District Attorney (1995 - 1996)

State of Louisiana, 29th Judicial District: Felony and Misdemeanor Prosecutions

  • JAG    US Air Force  >  Judge Advocate General Corp 1983 - 2006 (reserve duty)

Federal Tort/Injury Claims, Administrative Law, Civil Claims, Administrative Hearing Officer

Military Judge (1998 - 2006)

  • JAG    US Air Force  >  Judge Advocate General Corp 1979 - 1983 (active duty)

Trial Counsel/Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Civil Claims, Administrative Law, Government Contracts, Labor, and 

Federal Tort/Injury Claims 





  • University of Nevada Graduate School, National Judicial College (Reno) 2010

Master's Degree in Judicial Studies (in Residence)


> Thesis: "Scripting the Contempt Hearing: Avoiding Appellate Reversal and Judicial Misconduct                                                  Proceedings"

  • War College United States Air Force, Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama (2000)


Master's Degree in Strategic Studies

(Strategic Planning; Military Studies; International Security Studies)

  > Thesis: "The Impact of International Peacekeeping, Peace Enforcement and Humanitarian

  Operations on U.S. National Security"


                The USAF War College is the senior professional military education school of the United States Air Force offering advanced post-graduate degree programs to senior military officers of all U. S. military services, senior military officers of allied countries and U.S. senior national security officials. The College is accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  •  Loyola University Law School (New Orleans) 1979

Juris Doctor Degree in Law

Highest Class Grade: Torts (Injury and Accident Law)

  • University of Louisiana at Nicholls (1976)

 Bachelor of Arts Degree in History with Minor in Aerospace Science (magna cum laude)

  - Early university admission following 3 years of High School


 University Hall of Fame   >  (1 of 10 graduates selected for Class of 1976):


    - University Debate Team (Founding Member & Team Captain)

     - Cadet Commander U.S. Air Force ROTC Corp of Cadets

    - Magna cum Laude Graduate 

     - U.S.  Air Force College Scholarship >> Pilot Training and Aviation Science                                                                


 Federal Aviation Administration  

FAA Single Engine Aircraft Pilot Certification 1976


Judicial Education 


University Level Courses & Certifications 

University of Nevada - National Judicial College

1. Judicial Development Program:  1st Certification in General Jurisdiction Trial Skills (2001) **

2. Judicial Development Program:     2nd Certification in Dispute Resolution Skills (2007) **



** 5-year Curriculum of multiple Judicial Courses, in residence at the University of Nevada, in each of the University's

two elite, professional Certification Programs in Judicial Development 



3. Mediation & Arbitration


- Civil Mediation Course with 1st Certification in Mediation (2007) 


         - Advanced Mediation Course & Certification: Practical Mediation Skills and Techniques (2007)

- 2nd and 3rd  Mediation Courses with re-Certifications (2009 and 2010)


Judge Advocate General School (JAG)


US Air Force Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama and HQ USAF JAG, Washington DC 


United States Circuit Military Judge:  Appointments & Certifications, each year: 1998 - 2006

Department of Defense Military Judges 5 Day Educational Seminar, in residence each year: 1998 - 2005

 University of Virginia



Judge Advocate General School (JAG)

U.S. Army

                                        Circuit Military Judges Course (in residence) Summer Term 1998

Professional Associations

  • American Bar Association

Member since 1997

  • Louisiana State Bar Association 

Licensed to practice law in 1979

  • Military Officers Association of America

Washington D.C.

Charter Life Member

Judicial Teaching Experience

University of Nevada (Reno) National Judicial College

§ Faculty Facilitator for Civil Mediation Course


§ Faculty Discussion Leader for 4 Judicial Courses:


(1) Effective Trial Management (** T.N.) 

 (2) Criminal Evidence    (3) Constitutional Criminal Procedure    (4)Search and Seizure

JAG School - U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General Corp   

    Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

§ Judicial Instructor for Trial and Defense Advocacy Course

JAG TRIALS TEAM - U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General Corp 

§ Judicial Instructor in the training of Active Duty Military Attorneys in Advocacy and Litigation Skills


                              NITA - National Institute of Trial Advocacy Instruction Method 

Military Service

30 years (1976 - 2006)



United States Air Force - Judge Advocate General Corp (JAG)

Career Assignments

1. Asst. Staff Judge Advocate, Strategic Air Command, Whiteman AFB, Missouri (1979 - 1981) Active Duty


2. Area Defense Counsel, USAF Trial Judiciary, assigned 4th Circuit, Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado; attached Whiteman AFB (1981-1983) Active duty


3. Asst. Staff Judge Advocate, 16th Special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field, Florida 1983 -1997 (Reserve Duty)                                                                                                      Special Operations Forces - United States Air Force 


4. Circuit Military Judge, HQ U.S. Air Force Trial Judiciary - Washington D.C.; attached Central Circuit, Randolph AFB, Texas 1998 - 2006 (Reserve Duty) 
  • Dates of Rank

  1. 2nd Lieutenant:      14 May 1976

  2. 1st Lieutenant:       2 June 1979
  3. Captain:                14 November 1979
  4. Major:                   14 May 1990
  5. Lt. Colonel:            14 May 1997
  6. Colonel:                 1 March 2003
  • Medals

  1. Legion of Merit Medal

  2. 1st Meritorious Service Medal
  3. 2nd Meritorious Service Medal
  4. U. S. Air Force Commendation Medal
  5. Joint Service Achievement Medal
  6. National Defense Service Medal
  7. Armed Forces Reserve Medal



Photograph Above

 Officers Mess Dress Uniform - 2019 Veterans Day Victory Ball 

National World War II Museum, New Orleans 

(Charter Member)

Kirk Granier



 Dedicated to Excellence

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