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Greater New Orleans Suburban Area

Our Law Office is located in the suburban area of St. Charles Parish adjacent to the New Orleans, Louisiana area with easy access to and from New Orleans and surrounding Parishes using U.S. Interstate 10, U. S. Interstate 310 or, U. S. Highway 90. We are located on U.S. Highway 18 (Historic Mississippi River Road) 1/2 mile east of the U. S. Interstate 310 Mississippi River Bridge

      Office Address/Location

13309 River Road

Luling, Louisiana. 70070


(We own our commercial office building but lease office space to the Executive Department of the 29th Judicial District Public Defender Board with whom I have no professional association)


By appointment only. Request appointment through contact options below:

      Contact Options: 

1) E - Mail: 

2) Office Phone: (504) 667-2286 

(Leave Voicemail Message -- Calls returned promptly)

3)  Via Website messaging portal by clicking 

             "Contact Us" panel on left 
4) Teleconference Options: Signal; FaceTime; or           Zoom


Law Office Located in the Greater New Orleans Suburban Area

 13309 River Rd on the historic Mississippi River Road (U.S. Highway 18) a  National Scenic Byway,

 1/2 mile east or downriver, to the right of the Interstate 310 Mississippi River Bridge above


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