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Experience Counts

As a former, now retired State District Judge, Judge Granier issued judgments and opinions in hundreds of cases involving Accidents, Injuries and Wrongful Death and additionally, in Estate, Criminal and Divorce proceedings. This Judicial experience allowed him to consider all of the issues arising in those cases, determine the most effective strategies presented by the attorneys in each case and most important, see the end results in every litigated case. 


This judicial courtroom experience in addition to his prior trial and litigation experience in civilian and military law practice is uniquely valuable in preparing a client's case for litigation, presenting the client's case at trial and advising the client about probable outcomes.  Prior extensive trial and litigation experience counts in handling your case. 

Representation by a former District Judge, former United States Circuit Military Judge and former Civilian & Military Prosecutor.

Judge Granier practiced Criminal and Civil Law for 14 years before his two Judicial Careers

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Law Practice 

Wrongful Death
Personal Injury
Military Law: Courts Martial and Administrative Hearings
Attorney Disciplinary Board Proceedings


Digital Case Management

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