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      As a former State District Judge, Judge Granier issued judgments and opinions in numerous cases involving Accident/Injury, Wrongful Death, Criminal and Divorce. This Judicial experience allowed him to consider all of the issues arising in these types of cases, determine the most effective strategies in each case and most important, see the end results of the courtroom litigation in thousands of cases. 

      This judicial experience, combined with his prior trial and litigation experience is uniquely valuable in preparing a client's case for litigation, presenting the client's case at trial and advising the client about probable outcomes. Each case is resolved upon its individual facts, the applicable law and the legal discretion of the Judge or Jury, but prior trial experience counts. 



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      Clients have full-time, world-wide digital access¹ to information in their case including court dates, important documents and confidential email through a secure Case Management Program accessible from  their  computer, tablet or smart phone. (¹ Via Internet, 3G or 4G connection).

There is no charge for an initial consultation in Injury and Wrongful Death Cases. The initial consultation fee for other cases is $100. Select litigation cases are accepted in the following legal areas:
Accidents and Injuries
Wrongful Death
  Military Law: Courts Martial and Administrative Hearings
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